DesCARTES Architect


DesCARTES (Design CASE Tool for Agent-Oriented Repositories, Techniques, Environments and Systems) Architect a Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tool developed by the Information Systems Unit (ISYS) of the Louvain School of Management (LSM) from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL). It is designed to support various models edition: i* models (Strategic Dependency and Strategic Rationale models), NFR models, UML models, AUML models in the context of Tropos and I-Tropos developments. DesCARTES is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The originality of the tool is that allows the development of the methodology analysis and design models as well as forward engineering capabilities and an integrated software project management module.


Analysis Models


DesCARTES Architect is designed to support Tropos developments as well as UML/RUP developments. At analysis level, it supports the development of:

  • i* Strategic Dependency and Strategic Rationale Models;
  • NFR Goal Analysis Models;
  • UML Use-Cases and Business USe-Cases Models;
  • Enterprise Models;

Design Models


DesCARTES Architect supports the edition of:

  • Enhanced UML Class Diagrams with agent concepts;
  • UML-like activity diagrams;
  • UML-like sequence diagrams;
  • UML-like statecharts;

Furthermore, DesCARTES Architect offers Social Patterns templates for software design reuse.




Forward engineering capabilities are offered for :

  • JACK intelligent agents;
  • Jade and Jadex;
  • SQL (Oracle)code generation;
  • UML-like component diagrams;
  • UML-like deployment diagrams;

Software Project Management


Advanced Project Management capabilities are offered and fully integrated to the analysis models. Particularily in domains like:

  • Time Management through the use of Gantt charts;
  • Risk Management through a risk identification and traceability module;
  • Quality Management through a quality identification and traceability module;
  • Configuration and Change Management through a requirements traceability module;


i* model

enterprise model with organizational styles

class diagram

communicational diagram

requirements traceabilty

project management console